APS has been providing access panel solutions to hotels, restaurants and other hospitality projects for over 15 years, because our products address many concerns that arise in hotel environments. Designed especially for gypsum wallboard applications, bauco models combine European design principles with North American construction standards. For both new construction and renovation our technical and customer service representatives will work with you to meet site specific conditions, logistics and project schedules. Be it a 4 foot by 8 foot custom opening in your ballroom (Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans) or 2000 1'x1' hand access openings in your bathroom ceiling (Wynn, Las Vegas), we can design, price and supply on time and budget world-wide.

Custom Sizes

Our almost invisible panels can easily be customized to create service openings to fit any equipment size. You can minimize the loss of room days due to equipment replacement by installing properly sized access openings which allow full access to HVAC equipment. By properly sizing filter access opening in guestroom walls and ceilings, service technicians can easily reach filters and shutoffs. In the past ugly / improvised access covers often had to be located in closets. To allow service entry, room-service had to remove guests' clothing for every service.

Sound Transmission

Purom round, Purom plus and Purom mattel access doors are equipped with air-tight gaskets and the mass of the gypsum board inlay ensures the same low vibration coefficient as the surrounding building membrane. In special cases (nightclub ceiling) additional sound dampening measures can be added to the panels.

Retro Fitting for Wifi

Retrofitting wifi routers in public areas: Purom panels can be installed into the ceiling membrane without additional framing. Cut a hole into the gypsum board surface and the frame integrates with the board.

Air Return Grilles

Air return grilles can be integrated with a number of our Purom models. The advantage is that clean access openings can be sized to allow equipment replacement, while the air return grille or louver does not require a separate opening. Thereby the disruption to guest room finishes is minimized. Louvers are fitted into the door to be frameless and flush with the surface.

Security Options

In addition to concealed push-to-open latches, all bauco models can be fitted with keyed cabinet locks or even with mortise preparations to receive your cylinders.

Finishing Options

With picture frame finishes and concealed hardware, Purom plus and Purom round panels minimize the disruption of surface finishes in both guest rooms and public areas. Wall-coverings, paint, millwork and other finishes can be applied directly to the access door surface.Purom panels with gypsum board inlays are installed flush with the surface and the door panel itself can receive the same surface finishes specified for the entire wall or ceiling. The hinges are laid out to allow for panel thickness of up to 1 ¾". Tile, millwork, wall coverings, stucco, etc. Be our guest!

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