We sell directly to wall and ceiling contractors, carpenters, home builders, and developers. Our sales and logistics staff works closely with contractors to meet your project requirements and schedule. We gladly prepare a detailed quotation, including pricing, freight and delivery schedule. Quotes can be requested by calling or by submitting a quote request form.We can prepare crate packaging specific to your job site by grouping access panels by floor, and labeling specific panels so there is no confusion on the job site. Our access panels are easy to install and come with printed installation instructions. Use the QR codes on the instructions to load an installation video you can watch on a smart phone right at the job site.Take a look at our product comparison page to learn about the differences between the Purom round and Purom plus access panels.

As a volume shipper we receive excellent courier and bulk freight rates and our logistics staff take care to get the products to your site on time.

Please feel free to contact us for a personal consultation on: +91-9999098498  Enroll Now